Lib Dems meet airport managing director over drop off charges

Liberal Democrat councillors Martin Greig and Ian Yuill met Carol Benzie, Managing Director of Aberdeen International Airport, on 1st June to discuss the £2 drop off charge the airport imposes on drivers dropping people off in front of the terminal.

They made very clear to Ms Benzie that people across Aberdeen and the North East believe the £2 charge is unfair and is no more than a toll on drivers. They also told her that people believe this charge is damaging the reputation of Aberdeen and of the airport.

Ian Yuill and Martin Greig also highlighted to Carol Benzie the problems the charge was causing some taxi drivers.

Ms Benzie in turn made it clear that the airport would not be changing the policy.

At the end of the meeting Martin Greig and Ian Yuill once again urged the airport to drop the drop off charge.

Below is the text of an e-mail sent to Carol Benzie after the meeting.

The campaign to get the airport to drop the drop off charge will continue.

Dear Carol

Thank you you for meeting us on 1st June to discuss the charge Aberdeen International Airport levies on drivers dropping off passengers in front of the terminal building.

As we said when we met you, a very large number of people from across Aberdeen and the North East have contacted us about this issue. The points they made to us have included:

  • The charge is causing damage to the reputation of both the airport and Aberdeen itself
  • The charge is no more than a toll to generate income and has little to do with managing congestion
  • If the purpose of this charge is to tackle congestion and prevent drivers waiting in front of the terminal then this same result could be achieved by making the short waiting period allowed free and only imposing a penalty charge if a driver overstays that permitted waiting period
  • The charge is unfair on those taxi drivers who have to pay it and who cannot currently pass it on to their customers

We understand the point you made that in the current depressed economic climate the airport is working to try to maintain the best possible range of air services available from our region by minimising costs to the airlines.

It remains our firm view though that, as soon as the economic circumstances allow, the airport should remove the £2 charge levied on drivers dropping people off in front of the terminal. We believe doing so would improve the reputation both of the airport and our city.


Ian Yuill and Martin Greig

Aberdeen City Council Liberal Democrat Group

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